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Summer Rental Season Availability

Seaside Park is primarily for a "Family Vacation."  It is a lot quieter than Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant,  and some other shore vacation spots.  Rentals are heaviest in the middle of the summer and taper off at the beginning and end of the season.   Your best bet is to plan early and make your reservations as soon as you can.  Generally these units are 40% booked in the fall and 65% booked by mid winter.  Rentals are done by the week from Saturday to Saturday during Mid-June to Mid September.   Outside of the Summer Rental Season rentals are available for weekends, mid-week, over holidays,etc.

I hope he's a keeper!

I hope he's a keeper!


The weekly rates vary based on the demand for that week and the size of the unit.  Rentals less than a full week are leased but at a higher rate than one 7th of the normal weekly rent per day.

Contact us for both the current availability, unit(s) desired, and the rate.